January 26, 1968

John Herman Kobs

January 26, 1968
MSU Baseball
Coach (1925 - 1963)
MSU Athletics Hall of Fame
Basketball Coach (1924 - 1926)
Ice Hockey Coach (1925 - 1931)
Assistant AD (1963 - 1968)

John Herman Kobs

Michigan State Baseball Coach (1925 – 1963)

Michigan State Basketball Coach (1924 - 1926)

Michigan State Ice Hockey Coach (1925 - 1931)

Michigan State Assistant AD (1963 - 1968)

John Kobs was born in Cavalier, North Dakota and as a young child moved to Lake City, Minnesota. He attended Hamline University where as a multi-sport athlete he earned twelve varsity athletic letters in four sports. In 1951, Kobs was named one of the top five all-around athletes in Minnesota during the first-half of the 20th century. He moved on to a coaching career at Michigan State where he coached hockey for six seasons, basketball for two seasons and baseball from 1925 to 1963. During his 38 years as baseball coach, he won 574 games and coached many players who went on to play Major League Baseball.   John Kobs was inducted into the Michigan State Athletics Hall of Fame in 1993, the Hamline University Sports Hall of Fame in 1965, the Helms Foundation Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 1968. He passed away on January 26, 1968 at 69 years of age.