Laurium, MI
May 6, 1972

Lyman L (Frim) Frimodig

Laurium, MI
May 6, 1972
MSU Athletics
MSU Football player (1914 - 1917)
MSU Basketball player (1914 - 1917)
MSU Baseball player (1914 - 1917) -
Ten Varsity Letters
MSU Athletics Hall of Fame
MSU Basketball Coach (1920 - 1922)
MSU Athletic Administrator (1920 - 1960)

Lyman L. “Frim” Frimodig

Michigan State Football, Basketball, Baseball Player (1914 - 1917)
Michigan State Basketball Coach (1920 – 1922)
Michigan State Athletic Administrator, Professor (1920 – 1960)

Frim Frimodig was born in Laurium, Michigan and was a five-sport athlete at Calumet High School. He attended Michigan Agricultural College (MAC) (now Michigan State) where he is the school’s first and only ten-letter athlete (two in football, four in basketball, and four in baseball). After graduating in 1917, he returned to the Upper Peninsula where he became the principal at Escanaba High School.  After serving briefly with the U.S. Army during World War I, Frimodig returned to Michigan State to become the head basketball coach for two seasons before spending the next forty years as an educator and athletic administrator at Michigan State. From 1933 – 1937 he served as the mayor of East Lansing. Frimodig was also instrumental in developing the state high school basketball tournament as well as some swimming and track and field events. Frim Frimodig was inducted into the MSU Athletics Hall of Fame in 1977, the Upper Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame in 1973 and was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 1976. He passed away on May 6, 1972 at 80 years of age.